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Helping to connect farm seekers and landowners across New England, and facilitate farmland transfer.

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    Free Webinar Series for Landowners

    Missed the live webinar series? Watch it now on YouTube! Explore the motivations, strategies, and mechanics for making any amount of land available to a farmer. Feel empowered and prepared to share your land. 

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    Hear from our subscribers

    "Our goal was to focus on transitioning our farm and farm business to someone with the interest and skills/experience to continue the farm and business. We wanted to avoid someone seeking to purchase for real estate development. We knew NEFF would target the audience we were looking to reach."

    Rita Wollmering & Brooke Finn
    Herb FARMacy

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    Hear from our subscribers

    “We got a good response from people specifically looking to farm. We got more than a dozen serious inquiries through the site and were able to do phone screening calls with them to winnow down the pool systematically, then focus our energy on the few folks who were the best fit for the unique situation that we were offering."

    Rita Wollmering & Brooke Finn
    Herb FARMacy